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Immucor’s footprint continues to grow in Asia Pacific


Immucor’s footprint continues to grow  in Asia Pacific

In the last edition of CompatibiliT, we highlighted some of the key people within Immucor, dedicated to building and maintaining partnerships and advance the science of transfusion and transplantation diagnostics across Asia Pacific. Our commitment to our customers is shared by our Distribution Partners, who represent Immucor in several areas globally. In this edition of CompatibiliT, we highlighted the great team effort between Immucor and our local partners in Cambodia, Europ Continents Sarl., but we have several other success stories to share!

Australia’s first NEOs are installed – Featuring Immucor’s Ron Rogers and Maria Stone from Seqirus.

Seqirus and Immucor secure Australian Red Cross Blood Service – The Biggest Win in 2016!

In December 2015 Seqirus, Australian Distributor for Immucor, was awarded the tender to automate the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS). Using the 10 Immucor NEO’s, the ARCBS plans to conduct routine antibody screening of donors.

A true team effort, Seqirus and Immucor partnered to provide the ARCBS with a proposal which met their needs and provided them with a quality solution for their donor services. The major point of difference of the new analysers  was the use of the solid phase technology.  The microplates coated with red cell membranes were more stable than the current technology.

The Seqirus/Immucor partnership then switched their attention to implementation. By the end of the 2016 the 10 fully automated Immucor NEO analysers  became live in every processing centre  around  the country, driving efficiencies and improving service for customers.

Angelo Margaritis, Automated Systems Program Manager, is responsible for implementation of the new system and is excited that it’s nearly complete. “This new system  will reduce many of the manual elements of our red cell antibody screening, making the process more efficient,” he said “It represents another  step  forward in the Blood Service using leading edge technology to ensure we provide the right products at the right time for our customers”.

In other News...

Immucor’s Malaysian Distribution Partner, BMS Diagnostics, has successfully installed 10 additional NEO instruments as a result of Malaysia’s national blood centre, Pusat Darah Negara, supporting  the move from manually testing to automation in 10 large hospitals. The hospitals perform 25,000-40,000 groups per month, so will see the benefits of automation!

The partnerships between Immucor and our Distribution colleagues are critical to ensure the knowledge, expertise and support offered to you, our valued customers, is first class.

To facilitate this, Immucor recently held a meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and invited all our partners from across Asia Pacific to attend, resulting in a lively, fun and  interactive meeting with stories and updates from your countries.

Distributor Training with representatives from both Immucor and

your local Distribution  Partner – See  if you can  spot  your team!



If you have any questions or comments or stories you’d like to share for future newsletters, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at imarketing@immucor.com or your local Immucor distributor.

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